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Keywords : Sep 14th 2015, 11:01pm, Viewed 115 timesMany conservatives have expressed concerns about Ted Cruz’s presidential candidacy, saying he’s a poor fit for the Republican party’s values. One primary problem that has been the focus of much discussion is his apparent belief that the Constitution mandates open borders. Cruz said something to that effect in a 2014 book review in National Review, arguing that “one of the questions in our immigration debate is whether we ought to seek to change the Constitution to secure the borders.” Unfortunately for Cruz, Article IV Section 3 of the Constitution makes it crystal clear that “the citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states.” That includes the right to immigrate to other states. Even if you don’t trust the people, whom you would prefer to live in a country where government officials rule that the Constitution mandates open borders? In the United States today, the establishment has almost complete control over the media. Liberal elites consider it important to portray themselves as self-sacrificing servants of “the people” who fight for liberty and freedom. Liberal media outlets routinely report on the supposed issue of U.S. border security. But the mainstream media isn’t telling the truth about border security, as journalist Brian O’Toole recently demonstrated. O’Toole talked about a trip he took to the U.S.-Mexico border with CBS News’s Major Garrett. He said “CBS was not allowed in the actual areas of contention, so we were able to speak with Mexican officials and agents.” He went on to say: We’re taking a ride with the great state of Texas and a little bit south of the Texas border is Mexico, where we can cross back and forth between Texas and Mexico. We’re going to go on a tour and see what the situation is. On his trip, O’Toole met “multiple agents and officials with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.” He said he was “escorted in and out of the areas,” “the atmosphere was friendly” and that he “saw no reason that’s changed.” But then he got to the most important part of his story: After several stops and hours of driving,




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Classpad Manager V3 Professional 17 (2022)

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